by donating to the H²oover Environmental Foundation and receive our special custom-made SAVE THE BLUE pendants designed
by Tribal Son


A better plan than dumping abandoned oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

Current policy allows the oil industry to send its trash to the ocean bottom and call it a reef. Taxpayers are footing the bill for this giveaway that is compromising our Gulf of Mexico's public natural resources. Rigs-to-Reefs is a clever name for a waiver that sidesteps a requirement that each offshore oil lease includes full decommissioning of spent oil and gas structures to restore the seabed to its previous natural state.

Bring Back the Gulf is a timely analysis of the scientific, environmental, legal, social and political aspects of the U.S. Interior Department's "Rigs-to-Reefs" program and is now available as an e-Book at, the story of how Big Oil decided to fool the American taxpayer, and why their complicated scheme is not in the public interest. [more]


The mission of the H2oover Environmental Foundation is to undertake and support campaigns necessary for advancing public understanding of and solutions for water conservation issues.

SAVE THE BLUE is the Foundation's call to action.

Marine and aquatic habitats, that we and other organisms depend on for life, are severely degraded, polluted, and over-fished worldwide, leading to serious human health issues. So please help support our campaign to SAVE THE BLUE.

What YOU Can Do

You can help SAVE THE BLUE by donating to our current campaigns. In return for your tax-deductible donation you will receive our special custom-made tribal shark and dolphin pendants designed exclusively for us by Tribal Son. Not only will your pendant directly support our preservation efforts, but also by wearing the pendant we are hoping to create dialogue and engage people in making water conservation issues an international priority.

So please donate and proudly wear your exclusive Tribal Son SAVE THE BLUE pendants.

Current Campaigns

Threats to dolphins and other marine migratory species are myriad, they include: destructive fishing practices, over-fishing, noise, plastic and chemical pollution, habitat destruction, ocean warming, and ocean acidification. In many countries dolphins are also exploited for their value in the animal trade and for food.

As we expand our campaign we hope to cover more of these concerns. For now we are focusing our efforts on issues that affect both dolphin and human health.

Your donations to SAVE THE BLUE will support science and research projects aimed at protecting dolphins.

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More than 100 million sharks are slaughtered annually, at a rate of more than 270,000 per day—all for a bowl of soup. Shark fin soup is a delicacy in some Asian cultures. The soup can fetch up to several hundred US dollars per bowl. Some fins can sell for thousands of dollars depending on the rarity of the shark species as well as fin age and type. Serving shark fin soup is a sign of wealth, like caviar, and a tradition in many Asian countries. As a result, shark populations worldwide are drastically declining.

Your donations to SAVE THE BLUE will help support shark research aimed at preventing the slaughter of sharks.

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